Be prepared to implement curriculum, Morobe schools urged


ALL secondary, primary and early childhood schools in Morobe have been urged to be prepared to implement the standards-based curriculum (SBC), an official says.
Morobe acting adviser Keith Tangui said all schools had to be ready and boards and administrations needed to ensure their schools acquired standards-based curriculum materials.
“Schools heads, get more copies through the service providers and for those needing supplies from the headquarters, we will organise with them to supply those schools with SBC materials,” he said.
Meanwhile, schools in Morobe have been notified to be ready to implement the 3-6-6 education reform next year.
Tangui said the National Government, through the Education Department, was embarking transitioning from the 1-6-6 model.
“Officers from the Education Department will be here in Lae and Morobe to discuss on the two different education structures that we have now,” he said.
Tangui said the 3-6-6 structure will work in parallel with the 1-6-6 structure. He said the Morobe government wanted the 3-6-6 structure because it wanted children to be introduced to the English language at an early age as well as be grounded in the school system.
The provincial government has provided funding to schools.