Be realistic, specific, ward leaders told

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013

 MOROBE Deputy Governor Judas Nalau urged councillors to be specific and realistic when submitting ward project proposals instead of being general with uncertain budgets. 

Nalau, who is the president for Yabem-Mape local level government in Finschhafen, told 20 councillors from his LLG after unanimously approving their 2014 LLG services improvement programme (LLGSIP) budget of K500,000.

Nalau referred to his economic sector budget that received K50,000 for cocoa, coffee and livestock development in Nasingalatuc, Yombong, Mangac and Bamata respectively.

In the budget, it was only stated as cocoa, coffee and livestock development that Nalau claimed as too general in nature and not portraying a specific area that required improvement or development. 

“Be specific and identify which part or areas in agriculture and livestock that needs to be developed and in what ways, within what time period, by who, to benefit which people and justify the costs,” Nalau said.

Infrastructure received the biggest slice of K150,000 to build Nasingalatuc and Buang foot bridges at the cost of K75,000.

Health and education received K100,000 each, while economic, law and justice received K50,000 each.

Nalau chaired the first council meeting with deputy president Ishmael Nozu and manager Clay Zireng at Gagidu last Thursday.

However, ward 16 councillor Mondo Nare raised concern over lack of public servants at LLGs to serve sectors, including agriculture and livestock, fisheries and community development.

“Why do LLGs have to budget for these divisions and offer office spaces while real human persons (officers) were not available on the ground to serve our local people?” Nare asked.