Be responsible, take vaccine


OUR health authorities are finding it hard to convince people to take the Covid-19 vaccine because people fear it.
Some people fear the Covid-19 vaccine, claiming it is the mark of the beast and a move towards a one-world government.
Others say Covid-19 vaccines are equipped with hazardous content that would wipe out the human race.
Those with a fair understanding of how diseases and vaccines work argue that Covid-19 vaccines aren’t safe.
Why is it that we’ve grown up taking vaccines against preventable disease all our lives but we’re too scared to take the Covid-19 vaccine?
It doesn’t make sense.
Whether you believe in Jesus, Buddha or Allah, we all can agree all good things, including the knowledge to produce medicines, come from the god we believe in.
So what’s the big deal?
For those who argue that Covid-19 vaccines aren’t safe, I’ll just say, what choice do we have?
Yes, we need more time to test the vaccine, but I believe taking the vaccine now is a far more responsible thing to do than not taking it.


One thought on “Be responsible, take vaccine

  • Whether we take the Covid-19 vaccine or not, we ALL will still die at a time determined by God. So what difference does it make?

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