Be the change in the world, envoy urges

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013

 DIVINE Word University final year students have been challenged to think positively, achieve their dreams and contribute to the country’s development.

US Ambassador Walter North told students at the university’s missioning ceremony last Friday at the Madang campus the nation depended on a new generation of elites, which they were part of.

“Your generation has the power to be the change in the world that we all want to see,” North said.

“With your brains, sweat and passion, I know that PNG can and will do better.”

He encouraged students to be positive and not to lose hope.

“Positive thinking is the foundation of success. Keep learning. Mistakes are inevitable. Wisdom comes from experience,” he said.

North reminded students of the challenges of studying, seeking employment and nation building as a whole.

“Those who run the distance keep in shape and open themselves up to competition. Competition sharpens skills but it also builds bridges and networks,” he said.

He said PNG was part of the global community and, faced similar challenges such as climate change and technological developments.