Be wise, stay out of trouble


WE have not prepared well for this election at all.
Our leaders, from the top (prime minister) down, have failed us all.
This has become normal and it’s something we have to improve on.
We have five years to prepare but we failed.
A lot of innocent lives have been lost because of election-related violence.
Please let’s respect one another and live in peace.
Let’s not fight amongst ourselves and destroy properties.
Public infrastructure such as schools and clinics are there for our benefits so do not take your anger out on these things.
Elections will come and go we will continue to live our lives.
Our children will continue to go to school and our sick will use clinics – do not make things worse for ourselves when you know that we need these basic services.
Please take a step back and see how most Members of Parliament (MPs) live their life.
They live a very extravagant life.
Most MPs have many properties, wives, companies, cars and the list go on.
Only a few do really care about the people and country.
Most (MPs) go in there to get rich – it’s as simple as that.
One can argue that supporters they are backing is from the same area or one of their relatives but from experience people change when they go into power and become MPs.
Before you can just walk to their house now, you will have to make an appointment.
You might not see them for the next two to five years.
So let’s be wise and stay out of trouble.

Bena Bridge

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