Beautiful Goroka has lost its lustre

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

GOROKA was once the most beautiful and peaceful place in the highlands.
Today, it is the place most people will try to avoid if they can.
We have locals and settlers hanging aimlessly on the streets, drinking alcohol in public and dumping rubbish wherever they feel like it.
It seems drinking has become the major past-time in town as we see drunks 24/7.
There is no sign of au­thority in the town and it is even worse in the market area. 
There is no leadership from either the governor or the MP.
What a shame.
One leader has orga­nised his fellow villagers and church members to clean up the market area.
I must commend the initiative by Michael Go­taha.
He has done this without any assistance from the local authority or provincial administration.
Goroka needs more Michael Gotahas and not bikpla mangis.

Angkel Merii