Beauty contest raises funds

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The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

THE inaugural Pilapila Primary School Beauty Contest staged to raise funds for the school in East New Britain has been hailed a major success.

Grade 7 student, Misbil Puipui, contesting as Miss Ratavul Ward, took out the 2013 Miss Pilapila Primary School Queen title to win a K200 shopping voucher ahead of Grade 6 student, Miss Ratung, Elly Doat, who settled for the runner up title.

Best Escort of the competition went to Grade 5 student Jason Bandy (Mr Ratung), who was the youngest contestant, and who won a K150 shopping voucher. The runner up was Mr Ratavul Ward, Wesley Umong.

Grade 7 student Miss Georgina Kapa, contesting as Miss Travellers, snatched the Miss Charity Queen award after raising the highest amount. Kapa won a K500 shopping voucher sponsored by local company, Arpi Ltd.

Judging for the beauty contest included speeches by contestants in the local vernacular, explaining their traditional attire and a speech in English on the topic “My Rights to education and the responsibilities of the school, my parents and me towards this right”.

The Fashion Parade started  with a float with contestants dressed in traditional attire onboard their respective vehicles, led by the Balanataman LLG president George Warvaula from the Rabaul district headquarters at Kurakakaul to Tavui 1 village, to Rabaul Town and back to the Pilapila Primary School sports field.

Fundraising activities were  to raise funds to renovate the Basic Technology Workshop and the EQUITV Resource Centre.