Beche-de-mer stamps for PNG

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NEW stamps issued yearly are dedicated to marine life because PNG is located in the Pacific Ocean featuring a large variety of marine species.
Post PNG chief operations officer Ray Clarke said the sea cucumber (beche-de-mer) was being featured this year because of the rising demand from Asian markets.
“The beche-de-mer postage stamps would be used for posting of mails both domestically and internationally and would be collected by Philatelists worldwide,” Mr Clarke said at the launching of the stamp featuring the sea cucumber yesterday.
He said the increasing demand for beche-de-mer and over-exploitation in the neighboring Pacific island countries had encouraged the introduction of tough management regimes to control the harvest of the fishery and more importantly to maintain resource sustainability.
“The PNG National Fisheries Authority (PNGNFA) had come up with the national beche-der-me fishery management which this new stamp is supporting.
“We hope to help spread the message and help conserve the beche-der-mer specie,” he said.
PNGNFA executive manager-corporate services John Kasu said the stamps reflected the significant value these sea animals contribute in terms of social, ecological and most importantly the economy of the communities along the coastal areas of PNG.
Executive manager for terrestrial programme, John Michael said it was an excellent way to promote the importance of the role of this sea creature to the marine systems.