Beckey seeks bone marrow operation

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NINETEEN-year-old Beckey Yamanea from Enga has been diagnosed with aplastic anaemia and is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant that can only be done overseas.
Aplastic anaemia is a blood disorder in which the body’s bone marrow does not make enough new blood cells.
Her bone marrow stem cells have somehow been damaged, hence it is unable to make enough new blood cells.
She has been admitted to the Port Moresby General Hospital and is currently undergoing multiple blood transfusions which are not a cure but a supportive treatment to relieve the signs and symptoms by providing blood cells her bone marrow is not producing.
“Her only hope of a cure is to have a bone marrow transplant.
“However, it can only be conducted overseas which is very costly,” Beckey’s father, Andrew, said.
“Beckey has a long way to live a fulfilling life. This desire and hope can only be achieved through a successful bone marrow transplant which is constrained by her capacity to meet the cost of this operation,” he said.
Beckey fell sick last January while doing her Grade 11 at Wabag Secondary School and was taking treatment at the local aid post.
In the same month, while at home for her mother’s funeral, she collapsed and was rushed to the Kudjip Hospital, was treated and sent home.
She collapsed again and was taken to the Mambisanda Hospital then referred to the PMGH last March to undergo further tests and has been there for the last six months.
“Initial clinical symptoms indicated Beckey as having leukaemia-cancer of the blood cells.
“Through a bone marrow biopsy conducted on her, leukaemia was ruled out,” her father recalled.
The biopsy was made possible through her father who had to buy the special needles overseas because the ones used at the hospital were worn out.
He told The National that they were having discussions with a blood specialist in Australia for a possible bone marrow transplant for Beckey.
He said they were looking at spending K200,000 to K300, 000.
 Any contributions can be deposited directly into Andrew Yamanea T/F Beckey Yamanea account number 1000 221 3096 at BSP Waigani branch or he can be contacted on 325 9051, 7693 8332 or 7100 2900.