Believe in yourself


NOTHING is compared to the fact that even if you are failing, you have to keep believing in yourself.
I always tell students that I speak to or that I write to that talent will never beat hard work.
You will never achieve something big within your comfort zones. If you are someone who is sleeping well, eating well or who does something without much effort, then you are oblique to question yourself if you are truly heading in the path of success.
If you are in a secondary school or university, let me tell you this:
Everyone will still graduate.
Everyone will receive their certificates or degree papers. But the question is: Are you going to finish strong or finish weak?
Our country is lacking in human resources and this is a sad truth.
Even many of our university graduates cannot be world-class.
Students, you are the ones this country needs in order to soar to the next level of development.
If you students continue to take your studies for granted, then I am so sad to tell you that we are selling our beautiful country to foreign experts.
Nothing will stop you if you never give up.

Glen Burua

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