Believers urged to stay faithful


MARTIN Luther Seminary deputy principal Gerriec Sungga has challenged Evangelical Lutheran church believers in Sikam, Komba local level government, Kabwum, Morobe, to stay faithful.
“Today, the Western lifestyle and practices have crept into our society and communities and have diverted our attention away from God,” he said.
“We’ve forgotten the real meaning of being a Christian.”
Sungga said drifting away from the faith was not just happening in the Lutheran church but in other Christian denominations as well.
He said it was something churches had to actively address, especially in this time of advanced technologies and opportunities for the younger generation to be easily distracted.
He said teaching youth to uphold Christian values and principles was a church duty but also started in the family units.
Sungga made these statements when speaking during celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the first missionaries to Sikam.
Last weekend, people from Sikam and Kabwum gathered for the centenary celebration of Christianity’s arrival and the missionaries who reached the area on Aug 10, 1919
Sungga called on young Christians to take their faith seriously and re-commit to following the teachings of the Bible and the church despite the challenges they faced.
He said the youth of every generation would always stray but could always be brought back through guidance.
Sungga said youths needed to treat their lives as a gift from God.

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