Beon inmates celebrate Christmas with gospel music

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 4th January 2012

AN array of musical and singing talent was displayed by Beon prison inmates and staff, Madang, as they celebrated Christmas last week.
The occasion was marked by a week-long crusade leading up to Christmas.
The first of its kind to be organised by prisoners, it saw pastors from several denominations being invited to preach.
Correctional Service Beon boss Commander Tita Wada had his relatives from the rolling Markham plains bring in heaps of Marafuri or Kalapua banana and a pig for the celebration.
The crusade was a success as the prisoners sang Gospel songs of praise and worship while others played musical instruments.
A feeling of unity encompassed the occasion as prisoners and warders took to the stage.
Wada said the aim of such outreaches was to involve prisoners in programmes not only in jail but those from outside as well.
No reports of escapes from Beon have been reported since Wada took over as commander.