Bereina court house needs renovating: Mogish

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

A senior judge has raised concerns about the lack of proper court facilities at the Bereina district in Central.
Justice Panuel Mogish said the Bereina court house needed renovation because it was a colonial building built 40 years ago and was rundown.
“How can the court sit in this rundown court house and deliver justice?” Mogish said.
“There is no chair, no table, no toilet, no running water and no electricity.
“How can you get quality justice when the judge finds it difficult to provide it? If you want quality justice, everything inside must be perfect and right.”
Mogish urged the Central administration to refurbish the court house by next year.
“My biggest challenge to the local MP and Central provincial administration is to refurbish the court house by next year because 40 years have passed and we have done nothing,” he said.
“We can talk about many prides in the country, but what about justice for our people?”
“We must show respect to the courts.”