Bereina to light up soon

Normal, Papua

The National

KAIRUKU-Hiri MP Paru Aihi presented a 70KW generator worth K65,000 and a cheque for K300,000 to PNG Power CEO Tony Koiri for the  Bereina power rehabilitation programme last Friday.
Also a counterpart funding of K500,000 from PNG Power would go towards getting the station powered up.
Bereina, in Central province, had no electricity since after Independence and the power lines stop just past Laloki Psychiatric Hospital at Sabusa along the Hiritano Highway.
The initiative will see electricity power supplied to the police station, the administration building, schools and the public servants houses in Bereina.
It would also help in providing much-needed equipment for the betterment of the township.
“Just give me a couple of years more and Bereina should be back to its glory days,” Mr Aihi said.
Mr Aihi said it was quite a challenge being in the Opposition as it was an impediment to delivering much-needed services, but he was positive that changes would reach there.
He called on Government departments to follow PNG Power’s example in delivering services and to be serious about nation-building.