Best performing staff to attend international ‘grocery’ meet

Youth & Careers

CITY Pharmacy Ltd (CPL) will send an employee to attend an International Grocery Association (IGA) programme on international supermarket management at IGA Coca-Cola Institute at the United States.
CPL assistant manager Ikau Lou Reva has been selected to attend a six-day programme with participants from other countries.
He will represent Papua New Guinea in open discussions at the institute in Chicago, Illinois.
“I was selected through the recommendations from my bosses due to my performance,” Reva said
The company said it was honoured to send one of its best and most dedicated employee to attend the programme and was committed to improving its service through human resource development.
“The management of CPL has seen the programme as a benefit and impact to the growth of the company,” Reva said.
The programme will start on Sunday.
Reva will leave for the US on Friday.

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