Best to build roads, Lagea

Letters, Normal

I applaud Kagua-Erave MP James Lagea’s effort to minimise law and order problems in his electorate and reaching out to all corners of the district.
His decision to double teachers pay and provide fortnight shopping trips to Mt Hagen on MAF (Feb 9) is not a permanent solution.
I would suggest that he use the money to build roads that can benefit everyone.
This initiative is a short-term measure and there is no way for him to monitor whether the teachers are performing their duties or not.
There has to be a clear and proper supervision and guidelines in place.
I wonder if Mr Lagea will turn up for the promised peace ceremony between the Lakira and Kandopa tribes.
He promised to settle the problem last month and people are still waiting for him to show up.


Johnny Yapo Paraeels
Manila, Philippines