Best to limit PM’s term instead of age

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The National, Thursday 29th December 2011

AS a supporter of the O’Neill regime, I am disappointed with the decision to put an age limit on a prime minister. 
I agree with the reasoning of Sir Julius Chan that if an MP has the backing of the house along with the will, knowledge and skill to run the country, we cannot be discriminated on the age factor.
If MPs want to prevent a “dictatorship” from happening here, I am sure there are other ways they can look at.
Perhaps parliament can limit the number of terms an MP is allowed to serve as prime minister.
For example, the US president can serve for only two terms or eight years.
If the O’Neill-Namah regime is confident that it has the legal mandate to govern, then that should be the end of the story.
They must stop coming up with silly laws to serve their own purposes.
They are starting to act like Somare.
PNG is not like the Uni­ted States, Britain or Australia as we have far too many political parties. 
Mind you, Papua New Guineans do not elect the prime minister.
We vote for who we think will serve our electorate best and it is up to our elected members to elect the prime minister in parliament.
This makes our prime minister the politicians’ prime minister, not the people.

A.deen Scot
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