Bestowed with strength, authority


HUMAN beings were created in the likeness of God and have
been bestowed with power, authority and strength, a church leader says.
Evangelical Lutheran church of PNG (ELCPNG) St Peter’s Mambumb congregation study master Nicholas Uria said as Christians, power, strength and authority all came into play when we live on Earth.
“It is our own lack of action that will make us feel inferior and incapable,” he said.
“As Christians, we have been saved through the love of God and the grace of Christ.
“Our challenge, as Christians is not to become slaves to earthly things and lustful desires.”
Uria said our physical body was a spiritual dwelling for the Holy Spirit.
“Our homes give us our identity and so our household names help us to identify the house,” he said.
Uria said Christians must live a life of honour so their bodies could be houses of honour for the Holy Spirit.
“To live a life of honour, you have to have respect for self and others and do not accommodate attitudes and traditions of a sinful nature,” he aid.
He said when people had respect; it made it easier for them to exercise their God-given abilities because their mental, spiritual and physical realms are able to operate in unity.