Betel nut ban will not have serious effect

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The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013

 IT is just useless for those who are arguing that the ban on betel nuts by Governor Powes Parkop will have serious effect on the society, particularly in NCD.

While many can argue that betel nuts provide a means for simple, unemployed people who are residing in the city and also for those who are involved in sales, particularly the Gulf and Central people, the benefits of the ban on that addictive nut simply outweighs those, if there are any at all, for the sale and consumption of buai, by an exceedingly overwhelming margin.

 I have strong reasonable points to support my opinion.

To begin with, the ideology that the ban on betel nuts would financially affect the city dwellers who depend on it as a means to provide food on their table is a weak argument with no proper foundation. 

As for the producers of betel nuts in Gulf and Central, they have far more better advantages than their urban retailers as there are many ways of earning enough to sustain their needs such as growing cash crops and raising livestock.

People cannot and must never use this poor excuse to lift the ban because by doing so, others will not be innovative enough to develop some clever methods of earning money.

Furthermore, the filth caused by betel nut  husks and spits are sickening.

For instance, personally, during wet seasons in Port Moresby when I visit Gordons’ bus-stop near TST and Waigani betel nut market, I cannot see any difference at all between these two locations and a pig’s sty. 

The unwelcoming odour of the decomposing husks and spit plus their visible grime are so repulsive that I do not think a foreign tourist would ever want to step out of the car. 

To sum up, I firmly believe the ban on the sale and consumption of betel nuts is beneficial to the the majority. 

I believe a new era has dawned in PNG’s history where for the first time the nation will have a clean and shining capital city that  will ld attract more visitors. 

For those of you who are trying to use this opportunity to gain support against Parkop for  your personal motives, I say, step up, open your eyes wide and perceive things in a different perspective and put aside your selfish ambitions as we want a clean city.

For those who cannot cope with the ban, thank god that the time has come for you to break that disgusting addiction, for there is not a soul that dies upon suffering from chewing.  

Even though I do not support his political party, I will still root steadfastly upon my argument because for a pig’s sty to be called the capital city of my beloved Papua New Guinea is the last of the last things I personally desire to see fulfilled.


Timothy Nigaul


One thought on “Betel nut ban will not have serious effect

  • This is very true because most of our towns and cities in the country are polluted by betelnut spite and skins.
    The government has to pass a law to ban completely the chewing of betelnut. Because it does not provide any good things at all.the more people love chewing of betelnut the more shorter the living on the earth..

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