Betel nuts chewers back ban

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 A chewer is impressed with the clean look of Port Moresby that he now supports the ban of sale and chewing of betel nuts in the city.

Also impressed is the former Moresby North-East MP Andrew Mald, who praised National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop for his bold decision to ban the sale of betel nuts in the city.

“Leaders must sometimes make tough and unpopular decisions to protect the interest of the country and its people. I applaud Parkop for the bold decision he has made to control the sale of betel nuts,” Mald said.

“The sudden change in the appearance of the city has not gone unnoticed. We like what we see and everyone must support the ban.”

He said resistance by groups in Central, Gulf and the city was understandable but the greater interest of the city must come first.

Mald said everyone must take it upon themselves to police the ban by telling people defying it to stop.

Benard Karapen, a regular chewer and betel nuts seller, commended Parkop.

He is proud to see the city so clean and beautiful and called on the people to be responsible for their rubbish.