Better last year’s record, drivers told

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The National- Wednesday, January 26, 2011

 PUBLIC motor vehicle (PMV) drivers in Port Moresby have been challenged to make up for last year’s appalling record when they register for the 2011 “Road Safety: It’s Not a Game” competition. 

Registration begins next Monday.

Last year the six-month competition, which saw 15 PMV drivers taken on a four-day tour of Australia, leading up to  the NRL grand final, however, no driver from Port Moresby were eligibecause all the entries were disqualified.

MVIL managing director Dr John Mua said he expected strong competition from other provinces that provided good results  last year in the coming challenge. 

He said approximately 75% of the drivers who entered from Madang and Mt Hagen remained  while over 90% of the PMV drivers in East and West New Britain were successful in  the competition last year.

“Port Moresby and its surrounds are the hub in terms of business and development, the question is, can it come out on top in this important area this year?” he said. 

“Without a doubt, one group of drivers,who can make it their challenge to lead the way in 2011, are PMV drivers in the nation’s capital as they have much room for improvement,” Mua said.

“During the NRL Grand Final competition for PMV drivers last year, we saw that of all the drivers from the NCD who registered, not one remained eligible at the close of competition. 

“I will not dwell on the past, when the competition begins again soon, beginning with registration from January 31, I propose a challenge to Port Moresby drivers to lead by example.

“This year’s competition is a great opportunity for the Port Moresby area, PNG’s most famous district, to learn from last year and lead the way with its driving practices. 

“I put it to all PMV drivers in the NCD to see it as a matter of pride to atone for their poor record, not just for personal gain but, importantly, for cultural change. 

“It starts with our shining light; a second poor result would be a terrible shame.”