Better ways to control crowd

Letters, Normal

IT was a disaster in crowd control by NCD police during the rugby league match between the Kumuls and Kangaroos last Sunday.
I commend the police for a job well done as the entire match was kept under control despite the minor disturbances outside the perimeter of the PRL grounds.
Towards the end of the game, it was a total disgrace to witness police brutality in action.
Three youths, who managed to cross into the field to congratulate their heroes, were kicked, punched and spear tackled by policemen in full uniform.
What baffled me most was that these lads were outnumbered by uniformed police personnel and the police could have handled the whole affair professionally instead of the way they did.
Their intrusion into the field did not warrant the use of such brutal force.
These hard-handed tactics belong to the bygone era where human rights abuses were rampant.
The hallmarks of that generation must not transcend into this generation of police officers.
Sunday’s incident is a testimony the new generation of police officers are regressing to the days where human rights were supposedly non-existent.
I am sure this generation of police officers can do better.

Daniel Auragasi
Port Moresby