Bewani oil palm project a winner

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THE people of Bewani in West Sepik’s Vanimo-Green electorate have been urged by their MP Belden Namah to stop spending money on alcohol and gambling but save to improve their lives.
He said during the signing of the Bewani oil palm project last Thursday at May River between the landowners and the developer Prosper Group of companies of Malaysia.
Namah said since the Bewani valley entered into logging many decades ago nothing tangible had occurred in the lives of the people as they continued to go on a spending spree on alcohol and pokies.
However, he said with the signing of the new oil palm project, there was going to be so much money coming to their hands that they should change their attitude in the way they mange their money.
Namah said it was time for the people to make a difference and start investing their money for meaningful use instead of spending on things that would destroy their lives.
“Now it’s going to be different. From TRP to FMA, nothing has changed. However, now you’ll be rich and have a lot of money with the best deal ever negotiated in anyway in PNG.
“It is the first of its kind and you (landowners) will benefit a lot therefore you must make in good use all the money you’ll be getting and invest in the future to improve your lives,” he said.
Namah also urged the landowners to get ready to work hard with the developer.
Meanwhile, Abau MP Sir Puka Temu, who was a guest of honour, added that Papua New Guineans must start to understand money culture, how to budget, spend, invest and secure good living standard.
He said the Bewani oil palm deal was one of the best ever made of any landowners of any projects.
Sir Puka said because of bad deals in the past many landowners were denied greater participation and benefits but the landowners of Bewani had an agreement to look forward to.
“What an excellent agreement to have 15% free carry, 2% spiritual levy for every timber per cubic metre, housing scheme for landowners, K250,000 start up capital, K50,000 each for all the 124 ILGs for the opening of ILG bank accounts, a Toyota Landcruiser each the four integrated landowner companies, K50,000 bonuses, education investment and other infrastructural development,” he said.