Beware of enemies


AS a countryman, I urge our God given Prime Minister and your compatriots who are trying to take back PNG to take precautions for your lives.
You are our country’s only hope and through you we can expect changes happening in the country.
Be reminded that in so doing, you have exposed the exploitation of our resources and the people who are responsible.
In the near future, our citizens will know who our common enemies are and we will take up arms and teeth to fight back.
They have been hiding behind the guise of calling themselves our country’s good friends and have exploited our resources for so long.
Take precautions in the places you go, countries you visit, people you meet, hotels you sleep and eat.
Be careful because our common enemy does not want PNG to grow and develop and is keeping an eye on you.
When you are serious and radical about our country, you become the enemy of these exploiters.
Our prayers are always with you.

Daniel Rombolg,
PNG Patriot

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