Beware of foreign lawyers, says Kua

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PAPUA New Guinea Law Society president Kerenga Kua has warned the public not to engage lawyers who have no current practising certificate and have not been admitted to the bar to practise in PNG.
Mr Kua issued the warning yesterday amid reports that non-admitted foreign lawyers were practising illegally in PNG.
He said that unless these lawyers were admitted to practise in PNG and had current practising certificates, they should immediately stop providing legal services.
“It is a great concern to the public that foreign lawyers come to Papua New Guinea to provide legal services without being admitted to practise and with no current practising certificates. It is a blatant breach of the Lawyers Act.”
Mr Kua said before granting work or business entry permits to foreign lawyers, the departments of Foreign Affairs and Immigration and Labour and Industry should consult with PNG Law Society to confirm that these lawyers had been admitted to practise in PNG and had current practising certificate.
He said the State, State agencies, business houses and individuals, were required to uphold the laws of this land and to stop briefing and bringing into PNG any foreign lawyer who did not meet or comply with legal practising procedures and laws.
Mr Kua said there were currently 900 lawyers in PNG registered to practise and held current practising certificates – 90 of these lawyers are foreigners who have met the criteria and were mainly involved in the area of providing business and commercial advice to their PNG and PNG-based clients.