Beware of snatch thieves at bus stops

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013

 WOMEN do not feel safe riding on PMV buses in some towns and cities where some bus stops seem to attract dirty-looking and unemployed people who take the opportunity to snatch handbags, bilums and school bags.

They even enter buses to do such things. And they are armed with weapons.

I was passing through Koki bus stop in the nation’s capital on Tuesday last week at around 9am when a man pulled my handbag off me.

I struggled to hold on to the bag but I eventually surrendered it when he pulled out a knife and threatened me.

I stood at the doorway of the bus and called for him to return only my keys as I was on my way to work. 

I would like to thank  the group of Wanigela men who helped me retrieve my handbag.

Your efforts have left a good impressionc on me. I hope Koki bus stop will one day be the safest bus stop in the nation’s capital. 


Samarai Lass