Bible, coffee power

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The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013

 PAPUA New Guinea offers one of the finest coffee products in the world.

And the sale of the product also helps in language development and the translation of the Bible.

Many villages in PNG have no access to highways.  The only alternative means of transport for their crops to the seaports for export overseas is by air. 

The small planes that fly language developers and translators to remote villages also transport coffee to towns located on the highways. 

Language development staff recently flew to Boikoa village in Eastern Highlands.

While guests chatted with local people, grateful farmers helped the pilot load bags of coffee into the plane for the return trip. 

Thus each time coffee is delivered, it helps subsidise language development and Bible translation in PNG. 

On some days, the pilots can make eight or nine flights to remote airstrips where appreciative villagers are eager to load their crop to be flown to the markets. 

When the visitors departed Boikoa, the pilot accelerated the plane across the grass airstrip, mastering a downhill take off on a strip that has a 15 degree shift to the right. 

The plane ascended with its full load while satisfied villagers waved goodbye.