Bible story on man’s creation not too clear


I GREW up in a Christian background.
I went to Sunday school, said my prayers, read my Bible and memorised my memory verses.
I still pray and read the Bible.
However, I feel that many readers who read the book of Genesis would not realise this but there seems to be two accounts of the creation of men.
One is found in chapter one and the other in chapter two.
A literature scholar would no doubt point this fact out, however, for many of us, theological doctrines has suppressed our ideas to further question and determine this point, meaning we are never to question what is written in the Bible, nor are we allowed to say anything as this is unquestionable and totally wrong.
In chapter one, we see the story of how the earth was created.
As many of you know, it took God five days to create the earth – the sun, moon and the stars, the plants and animals, the great oceans and lakes and the animals that dwell in it.
Now, verses 27 to 28 tells us of God creating men (which is the 6th day), specifically a male and a female.
God told them to reproduce and multiply, He blessed them and told them to be dominant over all the creatures of the earth.
In these verses alone, a male and a female were both created at the same time or simultaneously, however, in Chapter 2 verse 7, there appears to be another story of the creation of man (Adam), which the Lord God created from the dust of the earth and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils and he became a living soul and then placed him in the Garden of Eden.
He then tells Adam or man, to tend to the garden, but after a while, he realises that man should not be left in solitary to work.
So He decided to give him a suitable companion.
He first brought to the man all the wild animals, but none of them were suitable for him and so he caused Adam to fall into a great sleep and from his ribs, God took out a rid and created Eve (woman) and gave her to Adam.
This is the story most of us know very well.
So you can see there appears to be two different versions of how men was created, more specifically woman.
Most of us were taught that man is and was made from dust, however, verses 27 and 28 in chapter 1 of Genesis does not specify nor does it tell us that the female and male that were created on the sixth day were created from dust.
It is in verse 7 of chapter 2 that we see that Adam was made from the dust of the earth while Eve was created from the flesh and bones of Adam.
If we assume that the male and female in verses 27 and 28 were created from dust, then we can say that Eve was created from both dust and the rib of the man.

Kake Smith