Big celebration set for SHP

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The National, Friday 14th September 2012

INDEPENDENCE celebrations in the Southern Highlands are expected to be bigger and better this year with help of the provincial government.
Governor William Powi’s chief executive officer Robin Tuna confirmed this from Mendi yesterday.
Tuna said: “We are working very hard now to make sure every district gets its share and make the national event become colourful and more meaningful.”
He said the independence anniversary was a time to think about the country and when it became self-governing.
Tuna said many people did not know that was one of the most important times in Papua New Guinea’s history.
He said they should remember the leaders who fought to gain independence.
“There was no bloodshed at that time and we are very privileged to become independent,” Tuna said.
“We need to sit and recall how our leaders have been playing a role to make the nation become independent.
“The Southern Highlands provincial government will do anything so that people can make this day become a success.
“We will make sure that each district receives its share of financial assistance to celebrate this event,” Tuna said.
He said people needed to know what independence meant.
Tuna called on the people to keep the celebration trouble-free.
He said law and order must be fully maintained during this time so that people could have safe independence celebrations.
“I appeal to you, especially the youths, to make this celebration become a success.
“Maintain peace so that the true colour of independence celebrations can be experienced,” Tuna said.