Big plans revealed for education

National, Normal

The National- Monday, February 7, 2011

 THE Education Department has big plans this year to carry out major impact projects.

Acting secretary of education Dr Joseph Pagelio has urged all stakeholders in education to continue to play their role in delivering education services.

Pagelio said the department’s development budget appropriation of K375 million would cover 15 projects that would be carried out by various department divisions. 

“85% of the development budget will support the rehabilitation of infrastructure and houses for standards officers to enable the delivery of better quality education. 

“The remaining 15% would provide support to education standards through the curriculum standards monitoring and testing project, upgrading the qualifications of teachers and providing curriculum material to schools.

Pagelio said each executing division would develop a detailed implementation schedule for each of their projects. 

He said the impact projects included K30 million for developing, procuring and distributing curriculum materials to all levels of general education.

K20 million was set aside to supply science equipment and other related subject equipment that would support the new reform curriculum for all secondary schools.

K3 million was also allocated to develop, procure and distribute teachers and students resource materials.

Teacher resource books on mathematics, physical education, language kit and bridging for lower primary are ready for printing.

Pagelio said printing of curriculum materials would be made easier with K1 million for rehabilitating the education print shop with the appropriate equipment. 

“For the quality development of standards measurement K5 million has been set aside for the capacity building of officers and the trialling of examinations and procurement of equipment.”

He also said AusAID would also be funding a project on procuring and distributing secondary school books in the country at a cost of K27.2 million.