Big rugby matches in Lae, capital city

The National, Friday July 15th, 2016

THE Capital Rugby Union stages its final trial game tomorrow to finalise selections for the Boromas and Gaigais squads for this month’s Export Provincial 15s Championships.
It will be played at the Sir John Guise Stadium starting at  1pm.
The squads comprise players selected from the CRU Hiri Cup which was used as selection process by the city competition to identify the best players to represent the CRU in the championship.
The provincial championship is scheduled to start on July 23, will see teams compete in three respective conferences: Southern, Northern and New Guinea Islands.
The PNGRFU introduced the new format with the goal of ensuring inclusivity, focusing on provincial and the regional level rugby.
Southern conference consist of Capital Rugby Boromas and Gaigais, Daru Stingrays and Oro Fuzzy Wuzzy Angles.
Meanwhile, archrivals Harlequins and Royals face off in the Morobe Rugby Union final tomorrow at SCRUM Oval in Lae.
In the A grade division the East Taraka Vikings lock horns with Harlequins.
This match should be entertaining with the men from the suburb of Taraka taking on the Papua compound base Harlies, who are no new comers to the finals football and are the defending champions.
Team One: Sarufa Kingsly-Lea, Wesley Thomas, Foster Maso, Umba Ben, Freddy Andale, Grant Gawi, Willie Rikis, Phillip Suapo, Chris Namani, Himah Alu, Desmond Korpok, Geti Raka, Mogi Wei Jr, Stanford Talitha, Carlos Masi, George Hoki, Adeck Naio, Kenneth Vagi, Jonah Kautu Jr, Robert Boli, Kirarok Ngaffin, Jayjay Garrison, Jedaia Katal, Tisa Kautu, Dean Manale, Emmanuel Guise, StanisSusuve, Isaac Aquila; Team Two: Tony Sipa, Tinoi Samuel, Maselo Numapo, Kali Kali, Mark Pilon, David Kura, Lance Sitapai, Londe Kalit, Schwarzenegger Ekali, Nelson Thoa, Charlie Avira, Gary Iga, Joey Vagi, Elipema Kini, Allan Kapanis, Gevin Andy, Lewis Modudula, Sawi Sukumbal, Kitchani Thomas, Rueben Kenake, Isa Daniel, Ishmael Indepine, Yunni Patrick, James Lumaris, Ambros Hezure, Terence Uvau, Jesse Wayne, Mate Lora, Jonathan Tokiong.