Big task for Jiwaka interim govt

Letters, Normal

The National

THE people of Jiwaka can now have a greater participation following the creation of the province.
Firstly, the task for the interim government is big for it has to come up with a social and economic development framework following consultation with the relevant stakeholders and players such public and private sectors, NGOs, churches and public.
The framework should be based on the assessment of the current social and economic state in Jiwaka and it must also be in line with the National Government’s policies and objectives so that mechanisms can be put in place on how to engineer the development process.
This will help to identify areas to allocate resources strategically.
Secondly, if the people of Jiwaka want to see development to take place and enjoy the benefits and services, then, we have to get rid of our negative altitude and try to be involved in the various economic activities.
In this way, we can build a stronger and more self-reliant economy based on coffee, tea and agriculture from our fertile land.
As we have a unique culture, we must promote tourism in a big way to draw tourists from both PNG and overseas.
Coffee, tea, agriculture and tourism will drive Jiwaka’s economy.
Only then will we reap the benefits now and for our future generations.



Nonodul Ngalyah