‘Bill will be in Parlt when ready’


THE Special Protection Area Bill will be brought to Parliament when it is ready to protect and conserve Papua New Guinea’s biodiversity, Minister for Environment and Conservation Wera Mori says.
He was responding to Northern Governor Gary Juffa, who asked what the delay was in bringing the Bill to Parliament.
“I don’t know exactly why it is taking too long for this very significant Bill to come to Parliament for us to basically have it enacted,” he said.
“It’s somewhere between the State Solicitor and the Legislative Council and I am pretty sure that by virtue of this question, I would appreciate that if it could make its way here so we can have it enacted to protect our environment.
“It is important because we have a duty to protect, conserve some of our pristine biodiversity.”
Mori highlighted that PNG had some rare endemic species in the world that needed protection.
Before his question, Juffa said the fourth National Goals and Directive Principles stated that PNG’s natural resources and environment be conserved and used for the collective benefit for all and replenished for the benefit of future generations.