Billy: Emphasis on development

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The National – Monday, February 14, 2011

COMMUNITY development is the foundation for national development, registrar general for civil registry and the deputy secretary with the department of community development Betty Billy said at the launch of the department’s 2011 annual operational plan last week.
She said the government must emphasise on community development as a way forward in developing the nation because it was the key player in addressing social needs and development issues affecting women, children, youth including other marginalised group in the society including the person’s with disabilities.
Billy described the plan as a roadmap that could be used to guide DFCD to successful implementation of projects this year.
“More emphasis should be given to developing community because national development starts with community development or in addressing community needs,” Billy said.
The department in 2008 developed a three-year corporate plan for 2009 through to 2011.
According to secretary Joseph Klapat, this was regarded as significant step for the department and provided it with a stronger strategic direction that helped them respond better to the people and communities.
He said while much more work was needed to be done much had also been achieved during the past 12 months.