Biomedical equipment set to treat Covid-19 cases: PMGH

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THE Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) says its biomedical equipment such as ventilators and bedside monitors are ready to use in treating Covid-19 cases.
According to a statement from PMGH, biomedical equipment supplier Green TeleMed were at the hospital to ensure the equipment was operational and ready for use.
PMGH biomedical services coordinator Robert Mokela thanked Green TeleMed for providing the expertise and manpower in preparing the hospital’s biomedical services for Covid-19 at no cost.
Mokela said biomedical services had a bridge in connecting doctors and nurses to patients for safe, quality and effective healthcare practices.
Green TeleMed chief executive Bernard George said biomedical engineers and technicians made sure medical technology was properly maintained and repaired ensuring patients received the best possible treatment.
George and his biomedical engineers volunteered their time and skills to check the hospital’s biomedical equipment.
The technical team, along with the hospital’s biomedical team, conducted two-week checking exercise targeting life-saving equipment.


  • It is risky.
    Very poor outcome in COVID-19 patients bad enough to require mechanical ventilation based on the experience in USA.
    Do not admit COVID-19 patients to ICU. They will die anyway but likely to infect the ICU and the staff in there. ICU will close down.

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