Bird: Investment needed


EAST Sepik accounts for K300 million of the K2.4 billion vanilla market in the country, according to Governor Allan Bird.
Bird was explaining to The National the progress of the vanilla industry in the province.
He said the industry has matured over the years and private sector investment was needed to improve the value chain.
“Vanilla is pretty much saturated,” he said.
“It’s a K2.4 billion market and East Sepik has K300 million of the market, which is a small niche market.
“We simply have to maintain market share and support the players who are already doing a lot of work in the industry.
“There is no need to duplicate activities. With prices softening we will see an improvement in quality as well.
“Vanilla is not an industry where much more investment can be made.
“The growers have made a lot of money and it is really incumbent on the growers to make those investments based on their needs.
“It is not an industry that requires much investment because it has matured.
“What is needed is private sector investment to drive other aspects of the industry along the value chain.”
He also said the Turubu oil palm project in the province was based in Angoram.
“They are already producing oil and their export should go out in April this year.”