Bishop’s house and church building among properties razed

Highlands, Normal

The National –Wednesday, January 5, 2011

 A bishop’s house, church building and one of the primary schools in Southern Highland’s Nipa district were burnt to ashes on the New Year’s Eve.

The buildings were burnt following a fight between Tegibo and Injua tribesmen at Injua village in the Nambie plateau, adjacent to the Nipa station.

The fight started over a long prolonged delay in compensation payment over the death pf a man from the Tegibo in 2009.

The Tegibo clansmen after waiting far too long, vented out their frustrations by conducting a raid in Hulol territory on the New Year’s Eve.

Police said they had set alight a community school built during the colonial era, United church building, the bishop’s house, pastor’s house and destroyed other properties belonging to the Hulol.

Last Sunday, police, including provincial commander, Chief Supt Teddy Tei, travelled to the area and met with the warring clans.

Tei condemned the action of the warring clansmen, adding that they had gone to the extreme of destroying church properties.

He urged them to refrain from carrying out further destructions and appealed to educated elites to negotiate peace and assist police.

He said there should be no more retaliation, with neighbouring clans in assisting or provoking 

the fight. 

Apart from the fight, Tei said New Year festivities in the province were peaceful unlike previous years and commended police and the people for this.

He said only four arrests were made in relation to drunk and disorderly behaviour in public areas.

He appealed to the people to continue this trend due to major changes happening in the province and adapt to ethical behaviours instead of promoting lawlessness.”

Police began their New Year operations at 4pm last Friday and ended at 11am on Saturday, as well as carried out a police show of strength on Friday to ensure festivities were peaceful.