Bishop appeals for peace


THE bishop of Wabag diocese in Enga has called on warring tribes to stop fighting and give their lives to God.
Bishop Arnold Orowae said this recently during the opening of a new church building at Leparapus Catholic outstation after it was burnt down during a tribal fight in Wabag.
The Leparapus church building was destroyed during a fight between Magin, Yom, Irael and Ambusi tribes in 1990. The fight also claimed many lives and many properties including houses, stores, vehicles and gardens were destroyed.
Bishop Orowae told the tribes to repent, give their lives to God and look after the services provided by church and Government.
He said a new clinic would be built near the church from the K100,000 given by Governor Sir Peter Ipatas.
He thanked the congregation members of Sari parish, local businessman Paul Kurai and parish priest Fr Justin Ain for their contributions to build a new church.
He also thanked the local community for giving more land to the church for future developments.
He thanked Sir Peter for his assistance to the church for the health centre.
Sir Peter said the government wanted to partner with churches to provide basic goods and services to the people and they must take care of the services provided.
“The beneficiaries must appreciate and look after the services provided, it’s not easy to rebuild when you destroy them,” he said.
“I cannot build your church as a government, but we can partner with churches in social services like health and education.”
Sir Peter urged the people to stop tribal fights and look after the services provided by the government and churches.