Bishop condemns rape, opposes prostitution


A CHURCH leader has condemned as inhuman and cruel the recent gang-rape and assault of a sex worker in Port Moresby who was left to die on a roadside.
Evangelical Lutheran Church PNG head bishop Rev Dr Jack Urame said the men involved had taken advantage of her vulnerability and should face the law for it.
“They have no respect for the defenceless woman,” Rev Urame said.
“They only wanted to satisfy their desire without considering her safety.”
He said just because she was a sex worker did not mean she deserved that kind of cruel treatment.
“No matter who she is and what she is doing, she is still human and deserves better treatment,” he said.
“Gang-rape and beating a woman in such a cruel manner is unacceptable.
“It indicates how disrespectful some men are to women, especially women in vulnerable situations.”
He however opposed prostitution, saying human beings are created in God’s image “and not commodities to be sold”.
“God created human beings and accorded them with dignity and value, not with price tags,” he said.
“We are created in God’s image and we are his temple.”


  • Engaging as a Prostitute (sex worker) is (wrong) illegal (It is not her human rights), but her civil rights must be highly taken into consideration as a citizen.
    She should identified these trash (men) and they should be charged accordingly by law by;
    1) engaging in a sexual act with a Prostitute (the Prostitute should also be charged). Fair on both parties,
    2) For causing grievous bodily harm to the woman and leaving her defenselessly to die on the side of the road
    Justice must be served.

  • 3) The men should be charged also on gang-raping the woman, they should never roam around freely, rapists.

  • Jesus Christ came out in Public and protected and defended a prostitute.

    Can we do the same as a Christian country and follow our Master : Jesus Christ.

    Or shall we behave like those Churches/religious leaders in the bible and judge/attack the prostitute.

    Following Jesus is not easy – Jesus himself said it wont be easy – but if you do follow Jesus and help the prostitute – the world will know that you are the follower of Jesus Christ.

    Its you call PNG.

  • Jesus Christ defended a prostitute against churches leaders who wanted here dead.

    If we follow Jesus Christ we must follow our master and defend the prostitute.

    Being a Christian is not easy because we have to be christ like and follow his example….Jesus said if you following me you will get persecuted.

    Jesus also said if you follow me and do what I do eg. help a prostitute. The world will know that you are my followers.

    Shall we follow the instructions and examples of Jesus and help the prostitute?

    Its your choice PNG. If you want to be a Christian Nation – You need to tell the world now by your actions.

  • These men should be identified and their identities be revealed to the General Public (shame).
    Imagine the look on their faces when their wives and kids find out about their unfaithfulness.

  • Prostitution was and is still the longest profession practiced. It’s mentioned in the Old Testament and in the new where Jesus saves one.. you can throw the first stone if you’re without sin…
    These women (Prostitutes) will never be safe anywhere anytime unless prostitution is legalized… They’ll be protected by their employers and Human Rights and the sad thing about this is, it’s happening in our very eyes whether we like it or not coz no one is gonna put food on their table.
    Don’t say PNG is a Christian Nation when we are not. All sorts of religious groups popping up from all corners and even cults… we have people practicing sorcery etc.
    We can only bring these people to a better path to Christ if we go out there and bring them into our Christian groups instead of condemning them and what they practice..
    Church leaders please, don’t be like the ones in Jesus’ time. We are all sinners and by him we shall be saved.

  • Well said. kikiplan. We mus not judges each other but pray for each other and encourage each other. We all sinners no one is holy.

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