Bishop: Deal not good for country

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The National, Monday August 5th, 2013

 A CHURCH leader says the new deal on asylum seekers signed with Australia is not in the best interest of the nation.

Rev David Piso, the head bishop of the Gutnius Lutheran Church of PNG, said there should have been consultation with landowners, churches, youths and the people in Manus.

Piso said despite the financial benefits for the country, there were negative effects which should not be ignored.

“These boatpeople sent from Australia have other motives in entering our country through Australia. We need to be careful on who we are dealing with,” he said.

He said from what he had seen and read in the media, many boatpeople entering Australia were coming from Islamic states. And they are coming to promote their religion and culture.

“Our country is known as a Christian nation, our government must protect our culture, religion and citizens from outside influences,” he said.

Piso said PNG was going through changes brought by the many mining activities and people could easily be swayed by western influences.

“From the reports I see, some of these people are gays who should not be allowed in our country. How are we going to deal with these people at the detention centre,” he said.