Bishop: Turn to the Lord


IF churches were filled with worshipers, the prison cells would be empty, Catholic Bishop Reverend Rozario Menezes says.
However, Menezes said it was the other way around.
He said church buildings were empty and prison camps were full.
“It is sad to hear that jails around the country are full of prisoners,” Menezes said.
He referred to remarks by the Correctional Services assistant commissioner Henry Wavik who addressed officers in Buimo jail in Lae, Morobe last Friday.
Wavik said CS was facing major challenges with prisoners’ containment and rehabilitation facilities throughout the country.
“The rate of prisoners keeps increasing due to population growth which also causes a rise in crime in the country and sadly, the funding to CS is decreasing,” he said.
“However, it depends on how CS officers take care of prisoners because Beon, Bihute, Kerevat and Bundaira, among other jails in the country, are full as I speak.”
Menezes told the prisoners to make a U-turn and accept Lord Jesus as their saviour and redeemer.
“CS officers are here to help you (prisoners) change for better
and the decision to realise that positive change in life depends on each one of you to make a U-turn and accept Jesus into your lives,” he said.
“What legacy will each of us citizens leave behind for this country, if we claim this country as a Christian country?
“If we claim to be a Christian country, we must follow the footsteps of Lord Jesus Christ to love, care and share with others.”
Menezes said the overcrowding in Buimo challenged him and would spare more time with prisoners.
“With God’s presence, the nation can overcome all evil deeds and violence in country” he said.

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