Bishop wants Govt to develop plan to address violence


THE Government should come up with a national action plan on how to work with churches, communities, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to address violence in the communities, a church leader says.
Evangelical Lutheran church of PNG head bishop Rev Dr Jack Urame said pastors and church leaders in the villages should help leaders to bring perpetrators of violence to face the law.
“They should assist community leaders and the courts to bring perpetrators of sexual violence to proper venues to seek justice,” he said.
“They should integrate this issue as part of the awareness message on Sundays and in other church gatherings.
“Churches must be engaged in doing more awareness on child protection to help families and others to become aware of their responsibility towards children.
“We should extend our mission to strengthen marriage and family because they are God’s gifts.
“Church workers must attend to those who are affected by sexual violence and do counselling.
“They should provide this kind of service where families and individuals who are affected by sexual abuse can get help and rebuild.”
Rev Urame said churches had a mission to promote the welfare of young children who were the future of our society and our nation.
“We cannot abuse our children today and expect a healthy generation,” he said.