Bishops want honesty, integrity among leaders

The National,Thursday June 30th, 2016

ANGLICAN bishops in the country have called for honesty and integrity among national leaders in responding to the student unrest in tertiary institutions.
Anglican Archbishop Clyde Igara, on behalf of the other bishops, called on all Christians to pray for God’s wisdom to be revealed in the current situation that was affecting the country.
“Bishops of the Anglican Church of PNG call on all political leaders, public servants and others who are implicated, to be honest in the current political climate,” he said in a statement..
“Dishonesty will bring severe destruction to our nation.
“We call on those union leaders, student leaders, political leaders responding to the current situation to be honest and be sure that what they are doing is in the best interest of the people.”
Igara said honesty among leaders would ensure that children and students did not become the victims of reactions to the crisis brought about by self-centred motives.
He said the church also welcomed the Government’s decision to provide citizenship to the people of West Papua seeking refuge in the country.
“The constitution of the Anglican Church of PNG affirms the dignity of human life and the need to show respect for all people,” Igara said.
“We are clear that it is a gospel imperative that we must love the Lord our God and love our neighbour as ourselves.
Therefore we stand in solidarity with the people of West Papua.”