Blame MPs, not the system


AS a proud National, I agree with The National’s editorial that we have a unique provincial and local level government system, which has been purposely designed for service delivery.
However, this system, as seen over the years, have been abused and now there have been talks of changing the entire system by repealing the organic law on provincial government and local level government.
The fault lies with the MPs. They are not in the districts.
How can they know the needs of the people if they are not where the people are?
The other thing is that the administrators are often away from their district, and because of that we miss out on the proper maintenance of infrastructures like roads.
There is no sustainability.
Port Moresby is going forward but the rest of PNG is not and crying out for basic services.
The system is perfectly fine, but the people we elected to run the system are the problem.

Mangi PNG

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