Blame representatives involved in agreement

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 I WOULD like to make some few remarks on the sentiments expressed by James Pijape of Tari, where he urged that  the PNG LNG gas project developer, ExxonMobil did not consider Hela students for LNG overseas training (Oct 17).

He is partly correct in the sense that the developer should have considered taking on board as many students as possible seeing that Hela will be supplying almost more than three quarters of the gas.

However, James and Hela  should  also look at  the other side and see how smart our landowner reps and MPs who represented  Hela  population were at the signing of the gas agreement.

What our brother James expressed is real and is only one of the many associated effects of the poor Hela representation in the gas agreement dialog.

We still have many yet to come therefore, let us not press the panic button for most of the actions and decisions done by the developer is based on the agreement already signed and sealed between our Hela representatives and the project developer.

We should blame our Hela representatives that were involved in the gas agreement for any benefits that Hela missed  out from the multi-billion dollar PNG LNG project


Shyman Yalu