Blame those who are responsible

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 03rd April 2013

 THE famous “Lake Kone” next to the Hubert Murray Stadium at Konedobu is becoming a possible health hazard to the people living and working in the vicinity.

This “lake” can also become a deathtrap in the event that a motorist plunges into it as a result of car accidents.

Those who have lived in Gerehu since the late 1970s will recall the drowning and death of a senior manager with the Harbours Board then at the big roundabout culvert.

This could happen again un­less the relevant authorities take appro­-priate ac­tions to rectify 

the situation at Kone.

It appears the entity 

that is copping the flak 

and jokes is the Motu-Koitabu Assembly (MKA).

However, if we  go back just a few years ago, this lake did not even exist.

This is actually a man-made lake and those res­ponsible for its creation must come forward and take the responsibility.

They must deal with the problem with the view of draining the surface wa­ter elsewhere

Those responsible for the planning, civil engineering design and construction of the Poreporena Freeway and the Harbour City reclamation projects must now take a good look at themselves and ask whether they had a role in this fiasco.

Public authorities who had a hand in this include the NCDC, departments of transport, works and lands and physical planning.

These are the implementing agencies of the government by law. 

The works department, DLPP and NCDC are the approving authorities by law for the design and documentation at some stage in the process

It is not the MKA as some of our leaders would have liked us to believe.

The MKA does not even have the necessary funds to undertake a pro-­ject of such magnitude.

Let us not forget that most of us are vairas (fo­reigners) on the land Port Moresby is built on.

We lived here virtually free of paying any form of land rental to the original landowners.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for stealing the land from the Motu-Koitabu people in the first place.

What we should be do­ing for these margi­nalised people and MKA is to help them realise their dreams, not political vindictiveness.



Port Moresby