Blood donors must meet health requirements


THE screening process for blood collected by Port Moresby General Hospital follows a stringent procedure in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Papua New Guinea  National Blood Service, says manager Sr Damaris Penias.
She said people wanting to give blood would be tested on their blood pressure and sugar level by hospital staff.
They must meet the health requirements before they can give blood.
“After the screening of blood bags from the quarantine section, it is labelled by our nurses using the serology test results,” she said.
“Work is done in a quality manner using our standard operating procedures and guidelines written and approved by the National Blood Service.”
She said blood was a vital part of the hospital operations and stock must always be maintained.
She said blood was needed for accidents, emergency or trauma cases, pregnant women who lose blood and for sick children.
“We know that blood is life. So by donating a bag of blood (one litre), you are not only saving a life. If your blood bag is separated into the three components of plasma, red cells and platelets you can save up to three lives.”