Blue uniform not for contract officers

Letters, Normal

THE police force is still flouting acts and regulations with lieutenants ill-advising the commissioner. 
One such major administrative blunder is the authorisation of contract officers to don the revered blue uniform.
Contract officers, by virtue of their contracts, cannot make arrest unless sworn-in as uniformed personnel. 
Apart from effecting arrest, there are other police functions that demand input from the uniformed component which a contract officer cannot officially dictate.
The public cannot differentiate between a contract officer and uniformed personnel when both are in uniform. 
To them, all personnel wearing the blue uniform are policemen and policewomen and will look upon them as police officers. 
Other pertinent and controversial issues also emerge from this common misconception of entitlement to the uniform. 
Contract officers are not entitled to further education or scholarships for that matter. 
They are also immune to the administrative disciplinary actions instituted against uniformed officers. 
Ill-advice and shoddy policy instruments are the cause of the administrative debacles that wreak havoc at police headquarters today. 
For those lieutenants at policy levels, it is high time they revisit the legislative archives, set the ground rules and enforce the laws.
The blue uniform is sacred and comes with entitlements. 
It was and is still the pride of men and women officers who have sacrificed their blood, sweat and tears and, for some, their life.
Passing out of the parade ground in that blue uniform after six months of basic training at the Bomana Police College was honourable. 
Please stop bastardising the force.


True blue
Port Moresby