Bmobile aids OFC officials, tournament organisers


Bmobile yesterday presented the Oceania Football Confederation Champions League (OFC) group A local organising committee with mobile phones and MiFi devices.
Thirty Red-X Blaze III mobile phones and as many bmobile 4G long-term evolution blue subscriber identification modules (SIMs)pre-loaded with Moa Month packs were provided to LOC team members.
Five bmobile 4G MiFi devices and as many SIMs pre-loaded with Mammoth 30GB plans were provided for visiting OFC officials.
The support, worth nearly K7,000, will assist the LOC and the visiting OFC officials in delivering a successful tournament and ensuring mobile phone connectivity and ease of communication throughout the week-long tournament.
Bmobile national marketing manager Nathaniel Lepani said the company was excited to support football and welcomed the OFC Champions League to PNG.
“With the high level of football that is expected to be played during the tournament, it is crucial that the LOC is also able to operate at a high level and communicate with each other effectively,” a bmobile statement said.

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