Bmobile customers given chance to win K200,000


BMOBILE customers now have the chance to win up to K200,000 in cash from the company’s Krismas Cash pot promotion running for the next four weeks.
The company said in a statement that this was its biggest cash promotion.
“Entering is as easy as topping up with K5 or more,” it said.
“The more you top up, the more chances you have to win.
“It is a Cash jack pot promotion which will run over the next four weeks, giving lucky bmobile customers nationwide the chance win up to K200,000 in cash.
“In the first week of the promotion, lucky eligible customers who qualify for the promotion will get the chance to win K50,000 in cash.
If they are not successful, the prize money Cash pots to K100,000 in the second week.
“And if that is not won, the prize money Cash pots yet again to K150,000 in the third week.
“And if no-one managed to win after the third week, then one lucky winner will be looking at taking home a K200,000 Krismas Cash pot in the fourth and final week of Bmobile’s Krismas Cash pot promotion!
“Every Monday, starting Nov 29, a lucky bmobile customer will be called live on FM100.
“The customer must answer within five rings and say ‘Merry Krismas bmobile’.
“If they do this correctly, they win K50,000 for that week.
“If not, then a second customer will be called.
“If they do not win, then a third and final bmobile customer will be called for the day.
“If none of the three bmobile customers wins, then the prize money Cash pots by another K50,000 to the following week meaning on Dec 6, the same process will be conducted with a Cash pot value of K100,000 to be won.”

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